what our clients expect and receive from cfo

  • Confidentiality.  Information is not shared or released without prior written consent.
  • CFO or their agents only communicate information with you or a designated second party.
  • Repercussions and costs will be explained.
  • Every possible option will be identified prior to any bankruptcy filing.
  • Explanation of all local, state and national bankruptcy filing options.

what we achieve for our clients


  • Identify all financial options prior to any bankruptcy filing.
  • A CFO financial specialist will walk you through every scenario at no cost.
  • Negotiate affordable payments plans with creditors in advance of any bankruptcy filing.
  • Secure forbearance agreements prior to foreclosure.
  • Restructure or refinance current debt prior to any bankruptcy. 
  • Refer state and local legal representation if required.

bankruptcy management


This is typically the end of the road.  It is clearly your last chance for business or personal financial survival.  However, there are numerous financial alternatives that can avoid this drastic step.  Our financial management team can identify all possible alternatives within your state laws and guide you accordingly.

There are three standard bankruptcy filings, Chapters 7, 11 and 13.  Depending upon your situation and secured assets, one of these filing could work for you.  With the revised bankruptcy laws enacted in 2005, it has become much more difficult to make a simple filing.  With our national network of affiliates, we can educate you about an appropriate filing.  Additionally, we can explain the effects of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA).


Depending upon your state of residencebankruptcy laws vary widely.  In most instances, there are other affordable options before this step.  Our team of financial experts may have an affordable alternative that will meet your obligations and get you back on track.  We deal with S-Corps, C-Corps, LLC's, Corporations, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships and individuals.


All information is confidential and not shared or released without prior written consent by client.  Avoiding a bankruptcy filing can be as simple as contacting us.