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frequently asked questions


Is my inquiry confidential and secure from other institutions, financial or otherwise?  CFO's policy is to maintain the utmost security.  Any information or documentation provided to CFO is not shared or released without prior written consent from any prospective or current client.  We are not in the shared information business.  Our integrity and technology allow us to give you this guarantee.

What type of corporation do I need to qualify for your services?  We deal with every type of corporation, partnership, LLC sold proprietorship and individual.  Financing can be achieved for everyone's situation or idea and we eliminate much of the paperwork experienced with other institutions.


How long do I have to be in business to be considered?  We can finance profitable companies at very competitive rates, companies that are losing money, in bankruptcy or just starting up.  We have a financial option for almost every business situation.

How do I know the type of financing that would be best suited for my company?  Each client will be personally involved in identifying the best financial option.  Financing is a two way street.  Our dedicated professionals need to know all of the details.  Your assets, ideas and past business experiences will play a major role in identifying the most cost effective financing.


How can I get started? Fill out the Contact Us page and one of our financial experts will give you a no cost thorough evaluation.  Upon your written approval, we will identify numerous financing options explaining all terms, costs and fees.