Debt Restructuring
Frequently asked questions


Is my inquiry confidential and secure from other institutions, financial or otherwise?  CFO's policy is to maintain the utmost security.  Any information or documentation provided to CFO is not shared or released without prior written consent from any prospective or current client.  We are not in the shared information business.  Our integrity and technology allow us to give you this guarantee.


How do I know if I qualify?  If your business finds itself struggling to keep payments current with vendors, suppliers, credit cards, leased equipment, professional services, advertising or bank loans, you may very well qualify.  CFO agents will immediately identify all available options.


Why should I use your service instead of going it alone and settling the debt myself?  We immediately provide an effective highly qualified committed team of professionals, whose jobs are to negotiate and settle debt.  Our team of experts have over 100 years of combined financial experience.  The stress and aggravation of dealing with debt on a daily basis is overwhelming.  We are committed to helping financially stressed companies and immediately improve their quality of life, cash flow and reduce their accounts payable without adverse effect.  We achieve these goals within an affordable monthly budget approved by you, prior to any financial obligations on your part.

How does this affect my credit?  Depending upon how the debt is secured, it may very well not affect your business or personal credit.  This question is impossible to answer without more information.  It will depend upon who you owe, what is the security and if you signed personally.  Our expert staff regularly deals with all of these situations while focusing on maintaining your business and personal credit ratings.  We will look to re-age past due receivables to show them current in an effort to stabilize or improve your business credit rating.


How much does it cost?  We are a performance based company.  Our goal is to keep you alive and save money.  Our principle fees are based on a percentage of the savings of debt reduction, restructuring or eliminating of debt to our clients.  We have an incentive to achieve the best possible debt settlement.  Pior to contacting or representing you on a debt, we require you to rate the importance of the creditor to your business.  The more we know about you and your business siutation the better we can represent you.  The importance of creditors to your business is vital information and must be communicated to CFO to successfully complete this program.