what our clients expect and receive

  • Confidentiality.  Information is not shared or released with prior written consent.
  • CFO or their agents only communicate information with you or a designated second party.
  • Establish a payment plan with your affordable budget to satisfy all obligations.
  • Upon successful completion of our program, CFO's financial services are guaranteed to save you money by reducing, restructuring or eliminating your debt.
  • Nuture or develop lines of credit.
  • Freedom, we will deal with all creditors head on allowing you to get back to business.
  • All contact by creditors must be immediately referred to your CFO representative.
  • Consistent communication between CFO and our clients.
  • Build or rebuild business credit and relationships.
  • Monthly statements indicating settlements, balances, payments and fees.
  • We provide every option available by law within your state for successful debt restructuring.

What we can achieve for our clients

  • Upon completion of CF Options debt restructuring program, we guarantee that our clients will pay back less than they owe.
  • Improve your quality of life.  CFO will immediately intervene with the collection calls, get them off your back and save valuable time.
  • CFO debt professionals will immediately react to any debt collection situation.
  • CFO's clients must immediately refer to their account manager any communication, verbal or written, from your creditors.
  • Advise clients on regulations, restrictions and abuse of debt collection tactics nationwide.
  • Negotiate with banks, credit card companies, advertising companies, leasing companies, vendors, suppliers, collection agencies, landlords and any of their legal respresentitives.



Successful commercial debt management is a combination of affordability and restructure.  Our task is to negotiate the greatest reduction of debt while maintaining or repairing creditor relationships.  We achieve these goals within your affordable monthly budget.  The anxiety of debt and the collection process can be overwhelming.  We specialize in immediate relief.  The monthly payment can be lower than your current obligations including any and all fees, theirs and ours.  Upon successful completion of our program, we guarantee you will pay back less than you owe including all costs and fees.

We provide the expertise and full support that you desperately need in order to stabilize your business.  Resolving delinquent business debt is a 24/7 obligation.  CFO will immediately assign a team of experts on your account.  They include client advocates, debt negotiators and legal direction.  All contact with our clients is confidential.


We communicate exclusively with prospects, clients or their appointed representative.  We will send you a request for your information, the more we know about you and your business, the better we can represent you.  Prior to us contacting anyone on your behalf, you must rate the importance of each creditor.


We will not "shoot you in the foot".  We will deal with all of your creditors and debt immediately, however, some creditors may be vital for your future, hence we need to be informed and work as a team.  Upon receipt of creditor information, our legal department will send out a series of certified letters to your creditors indicating that we represent you and your company. 


We ask them to hold off on any collection activity until we can put into place offers and repayments plans.  Our clients are expected to directly forward all creditor communication to CFO.