what we achieve for our clients


  • Excellent, Good and Poor Credit accepted.
  • Residential loans over 100% equity, commercial loans up to 90% equity.
  • Deal with S-Corps, C-Corps, LLC's, Corporations, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships.
  • Forbearance negotiations, commercial and residential prior to foreclosure proceedings.
  • Conduit loans.
  • Bridge loans for short term financing.
  • Business acquisitions, development, land and construction loans.
  • Hard money and non-conventional loans.
  • Evaluate and appraise current value for commercial and residential properties nationwide.
  • Foreclosure workouts, commercial and residential.

What are clients expect and receive from cfo


  • Confidentiality.  Information is not shared or released without prior written consent by client.
  • CFO or their agents only communicate information with you or a designated second party.
  • Hundreds of lenders approached upon a confidential CFO consultation.
  • Immediate evaluation of your equity loan size ratios.
  • Simplified application process.  Apply in minutes.
  • Immediate loan servicing and offers.
  • The most nationally competitive terms and rates.
  • Fees due to CFO from our clients are only assessed and collectable upon successful completion of closing or financing.

mortgage financing

Commercial or residential property loans can be the least expensive source of immediate working capital for your business.  Historically, rates on these secured loans have been the most affordable for small to mid-size business owners.  CFO's loan processing eliminates much of the paper chase and headaches often required by other institutions.  Foreclosure and forbearance workouts are available, commercial and residential.  CFO accesses hundreds of lenders across the country to secure the best rates and terms.

Typically, commercial real estate loans are much larger than residential loans.  Commercial loans usually start at $1 million while comparable residential loans start at $200,000 or less.  Commercial loans are far less liquid than a residential loan.

There is no organized secondary market for commercial real estate and they can be difficult to appraise evenly.  Therefore, we maintain a national network of mortgage lenders both in commercial and residential properties.  Due to our network of associates in both of these fields, our terms and rates are very competitive.

This option can be considered by business owners only after they know the rates, terms and expenses.  Our committed staff will provide the pros and cons of both commercial and residential financing to achieve your goals or survival of  of your business with limited paperwork or stress.