Taxes & Accounting

Frequently asked questions


Is my inquiry confidential and secure from other institutions, financial or otherwise?  CFO's policy is to maintain the utmost security.  Any information/documentation provided to CFO is not shared or released without prior written consent from any prospective or current client.  We are not in the shared information business.  Our integrity and technology allow us to give you this guarantee.


Why outsource a day-to-day or annual accounting review?  It's cost effective and saves time.  With the constant tax law changes both state and federal, it can be a daunting tak for most business owners.  Our services will allow you to focus on the core business you built and actively run.  Hiring your own Chief Financial Officer will entail a salary, benefits and bonuses.  We will provide, at an affordable fee, compehensive reports, on-time filings and audit support.


Can you remove liens, levies and garnishments?  We maintain a national network of experienced tax lawyers and certified public accountants who have dealt with all state and federal tax problems, past and present.  These problems can often be resolved with a payment plan negotiated by a professional.  We will strive to free you from the tax jail you find yourself in via proven tactics both on state and federal levels.


What if I can not afford my tax bill?  Penalties and interest add up quickly and can be overwhelming.  That's shy CFO maintains a national network of professionals who regularly negotiate offers in compromise which can eliminate these exorbitant costs and fees.  Affordable monthly payent plans are available.


I don't have my past tax records.  Can you help?  Yes, we can obtain copies of all previously submitted IRS documentation.  This is critical in analyzing all available options.  We will retrieve and secure these personal documents without raising red flags or causing additonal attention to your situation.